Coalition Partners

Become a Partner

MI Lead encourages and welcomes applications to become coalition partners from all organizations, groups, agencies and individuals who publicly endorse the goals and values of MI Lead. Partner names will be listed on our website. To learn more, please contact us.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

  • Develop strong relationships with organizations and individuals around the state working on issues affecting women.
  • Engage in joint action to identify and address current and emerging needs.
  • Participate in the development of statewide political advocacy and grassroots strategies.
  • Promote your own organization’s work through coalition meetings, trainings, and communication channels.
  • Amplify unified messages about issues affecting women.
  • Share resources with coalition members to strengthen your own organization’s impact.

Shared Values Statement

We commit to restoring Michigan as a leader in women’s rights by strengthening laws for women and families in Michigan and addressing gender inequality across the state.

We believe that:

  1. Michigan women must have equal access and opportunity, free from gender-based stereotypes, discrimination, violence, and harassment for themselves and their families.
  2. Michigan women must have unencumbered access to the full range of safe health services, particularly comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care.
  3. Michigan women must be able to live free from violence and abuse.
  4. Michigan women must have the opportunity to earn a living wage and receive equal pay for equal work.
  5. Michigan women must have equal access to employment in safe and fair working conditions free from sex discrimination, including gender-based stereotypes, pregnancy and parenting discrimination.

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