Strong Women.

Strong Families.

Strong Michigan.

Michigan Women are Taking the Lead

A disturbing trend is taking shape across the nation—women’s rights are being challenged, dismissed, dismantled and ignored by some legislators, policy makers, and business leaders.

Whether it’s cuts to healthcare coverage, being paid less than male peers, or discrimination against working mothers trying to support their families—women face real challenges every day just to maintain their health, safety, and economic security.

Ml Lead is a coalition of organizations throughout Michigan that are banding together to restore Michigan’s leadership in women’s rights issues.

Protecting women’s rights and empowering women leads to stronger, more stable families and a more equal and more prosperous Michigan.

Sign the pledge: I support strong women, strong families and a strong Michigan.

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The Issues

Ml Lead is committed to promoting policies and education around a wide range of issues, most notably those dealing with the health, safety, and economic security of Michigan women. Our coalition partners represent an array of causes, not only women’s rights. It’s a reflection of our shared belief that by ensuring the rights of women, they will play an even bigger role in the future success of our state.


Reproductive health care
Access to birth control
Family planning
Health care coverage
Infant and child health
Maternal health


Domestic violence
Sexual assault
Sexual harassment
Human trafficking

Economic Security

Women in leadership roles
Equal pay
Minimum wage
Workplace harassment
Workplace discrimination
Childcare (availability and cost)
Family and medical leave policies
Fair housing

The Coalition

MI Lead is a nonpartisan coalition of organizations and individuals committed to making Michigan a leader in women’s rights by strengthening laws for women and families and addressing gender inequality across the state.

Coalition Leadership

Lara Chelian, Northland Family Planning Centers
Merissa Kovach, ACLU of Michigan

National Coalition Partners

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